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Top bookmarks provide you an access to 8 independent blogs.  Each blog describes some important area of Enterprise Application Systems and technologies for that:

  • Main – Common questions and news
  • JEE – Java, Java Enterprise Edition, Frameworks.
  • AppServers – Application Servers, and questions around them.
  • Grid&Cloud – Application Grids and Cloud Computing.
  • Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Business Process Management & Application Integration Architecture.
  • Content Management Systems & Universal Content Management.
  • Architecture – System & Enterprise Architecture, Design Patterns, RDBMS’s, Operating Systems.

Really, they are just blogs…. So, I can miss something. May be, some important thing. Also, it’s quite possible that sometimes I’ll have not a time to write here. I don’t go to open all themes for discussions because the spam issues. Really, if you want to discuss something accordingly the themes or records you can use Phorum . If you think, that here are any copyright (or copyleft) issues just let me know about it.  You can write to me (Igor):  If I’ll use some information from another side or personality - i’ll put reference on it.  Author’s opinions are just his own and they aren’t  following of any companies, vendors, etc. They can’t be responsible for my opinion, I have not any obligations for them. Best regards. Igor.
P.S.: The site is not very well oriented to Apple devices like IPads because flash issue but it works quite well on any kind of other devices including Android systems. The best way to curious is any kind of device that supporting flash. All elements that support HTML5 will work on any kind of devices.