Chrome got more than 51 percents of market. I checked version 25.0.1364.172 of Chrome on Linux. It doesn’t work worse than FireFox, really (the engine of browser is good, really). It’s an interesting when all another Blue Chips will add Chrome to all Certification Matrixes. You can find some note on blog here how to compile Chromium for win-client (the perfomance will be better than Chrome).

The example of charts diagram.

The example of charts diagram with integration to site.

The supercomputer “Lomonosov” (Russia, 2008). The history of one computer and one company….

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The main parameters of SuperComputer “Lomonosov”.

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The design and architecture of “Lomonosov” was developed by company: “t-Platforms”

“t-Platforms” press release 10.22.2012: ‘First Delivery of Russian Supercomputer to U.S. Completed.’

Maker of world’s 26th fastest supercomputer faces heavy trade restrictions. “t-Platforms” history

The history on Russian.

Some computer vintage collection. 1983 and later.

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BECM-6 (“BESM-6″, USSR) – Big Electronical Computing Mashine. 1965. It was developed under S.A. Lebedev.
I became so old that I remember how I worked with mathematical libraries on someone from these computers.

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