Watch the JavaOne 2014 presentation sessions. Thank you for Oracle. The ongoing modernization and value of Java continues to positively permeate the modern world in which we live. From smart devices all the way to complex enterprise solutions, Java offers developers an open, standards-based, community-driven platform to develop the next generation of rich, scalable applications. In these sessions you will learn how to create the future with Java by hearing from leading Oracle experts in the Java development organization as they showcase how Java is driving developer innovation, revolutionizing application development, and improving application services for IoT, enterprise architectures, and cloud computing.

JavaOne 2014 presentation sessions - JavaOne 2014 presentation sessions

ADF Development. Part 2.

ADF Development for Oracle Fusion Middleware. Part2.

ADF Development. Part 1.

ADF Development for Oracle Fusion Middleware. Part1.

ADF Examples

Oracle ADF Examples, EA14, EA18

Oracle ADF Runtime install